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LTC KnowHow, a knowledge management platform-as-a-service (KM-PaaS), supports the social enterprise in the language industry. It offers intelligent information processing components to improve collaboration among stakeholders in the production process of language services.

We identified the need for a tool which captures, filters and stores knowledge assets from customers and external LSPs and efficiently uses content analysis, recommendation and semantic search technology so that the information can be successfully reused. The entire process of quality multilingual services becomes integrated, collaborative and more efficient.

LTC KnowHow users can
  • Store and access all relevant enterprise knowledge centrally
  • Fully control visibility and access to knowledge assets
  • Collaborate informally using virtual workspaces
  • Find assistive information quickly and in context by applying intelligent information processing. with a content recommender system
  • Start, add to and track discussions on any subject dynamically

How is LTC KnowHow deployed?

LTC KnowHow is deployed using Amazon Cloud Computing Services. The system is scalable and can be configured according to each company’s needs, size and data volumes.

How is LTC KnowHow licensed?

LTC KnowHow is built on OpenAtrium open source technology. It is provided as a service including the initial configuration, training and ongoing support.

How is LTC KnowHow supported?

LTC supports LTC KnowHow and provides support and maintenance contracts with access to a helpdesk and service levels to fit each client’s precise needs.

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